Dallas Zoo
Integrated Campaigns

  • Case Study

When we first became the Dallas Zoo’s Agency of Record, our first task was to fundamentally change an outdated public perception of the Dallas Zoo and increase attendance year-over-year, consistently. After in-depth qualitative research to gain an understanding of the current public perception, we developed a long-range strategy around a goal of raising overall awareness and driving attendance with an increase of 3-5% each year. Working with the limited budget of a nonprofit meant that, in order to maximize reach, we needed campaigns that would inspire the public to get involved. Other work for the Dallas Zoo included print publications (their annual report and a quarterly magazine), fundraising solicitations, and radio, digital and print advertising for the Children’s Aquarium at Fair Park.

We are very proud that with the hard work of the Dallas Zoo team (and a little help from us) attendance at the Dallas Zoo has increased year-over-year in each year of our campaigns.

Continue reading to learn more about two of our most notable campaigns for the Dallas Zoo.


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