HP Enterprise
Video Marketing

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Our history with HP Enterprise stretches back decades. First, we worked with EDS on videos and corporate events. When HP acquired EDS in 2009, our relationship continued with the new company and on through the spinoff of HPE. Over the years, we've done a multitude of video projects, corporate events and interactive experiences like the Innovation Room and our most recent video, HPE Pointnext.

Originally created as a multi-screen experience for HPE's Discover event in June, the Pointnext video showcases how HPE is leading the way in high performance and super computing. 

Another major project was the HP Innovation Room, the purpose of which was to demonstrate HP’s innovative and collaborative approach to their client’s enterprise. Perhaps the first of its kind, the HP Innovation Room interactive display combined touch screen projection on an 8’ sheet of glass with motion-sensor lighting and audio created specifically to enable the user to touch and explore 30 unique stories about innovation. Motion control cameras were used to create the content, which provides users a customized, engaging journey into the future of business technology.

The interactive nature of the display significantly increased engagement, stretching to 15 minutes or more, giving brand ambassadors more facetime with visitors.



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