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To avoid the necessity of you wading through pages of legal jargon in the off chance that clicking “I agree” will divert persons of ill intent from doing something nefarious with or to our website, we’re going to spell it out more clearly for the rest of you. Cause we’re pretty sure the bad guys don’t care about asking permission or bother reading the terms of use.

This is our privacy policy. These are our terms of use. There are a few simple rules and notices.

First off, don’t take our stuff without permission. The content on this site, including text, videos, images, infographics, icons and other stuff, is owned and or licensed to Alchemy at AMS and/or our clients and is protected by copyright under both United States and foreign laws. Don’t use, copy, change, modify or distribute any of the content within this site for any public, personal or commercial use without the written permission of Alchemy at AMS. If you think our stuff is cool and you want to link to it, license it, or otherwise do something with it, contact us and we’ll talk about it. We’re friendly.

Second, if you give us your contact information, don’t worry. We’re not going to sell, rent, publish or out your information to any other party without your written permission. If we ask you to give us your contact info in exchange for, let’s say, a cool infographic you can download, it’s because we think you might be interested in content we publish. We might contact you or send you additional information by email if we think you might be interested in it. If this bugs you and you want to be taken off our contact list, that’s cool. We respect your right to not be bombarded by lots of emails from us, but, frankly, we’re pretty low key about that sort of thing.

Third, we protect our security and your information. Seriously, our IT guys get really persnickety about security and are always coming around and installing new software and applications to keep the bad guys from getting in. That means we do our darnedest to protect your information against loss, misuse or alteration of information that we may have collected from you at our site. We believe we’ve taken the appropriate security measures to ensure that your information stays private.

Cookie technology and software logs may be used to monitor usage of this site and to gather nonpersonal information like what pages people visit most or whether visitors are actually watching our videos all the way through. We use this information for market research purposes and we never publish or distribute outside of Alchemy at AMS.

Do we agree? So, if you’re still reading, we assume you signify your agreement to this privacy policy and terms of use. If you’re still reading this just for fun, we advise you to get a hobby. And, if after reading this, you decide these terms are too restrictive for your free-spirited perusal of our website, we ask that you read no further, close your browser, and get on with your life without experiencing the joy that comes from exploring our website.

Capiche? (That’s mobster for “I see that you understand and agree completely.”) Thank you for your attention.