And the CINDY Award Goes to….

Posted by Ryann Malone - October, 07 2014

When we start a project for a client, our objective is not to win an award but instead, to grow their business (e.g. increase revenue, increase brand awareness, alter brand positioning, etc.).

The advertising industry can often get caught up in focusing too much on awards and not enough on why we’re in this business in the first place: to help our clients reach their goals through the use of creative ideas and execution.

That being said…it feels pretty good to win an award.

Make that a Gold CINDY Award (Customer Communications category) and a Special Achievement CINDY Award (Interactive Interface category) for our advertising and experiential work on the “HP Innovation Story” project that was completed with our clients, HP Enterprise Services. This is one of several successful endeavors that we have taken on with our HP client and it feels wonderful to be recognized. This particular project included a cadre of elements including video, interactive touch-screen application development, room design and construction, lighting, and technological integration of all these various elements.

What is a CINDY Award you ask? The Cindys, or “Cinema in Industry”, began in 1959 as an industrial film awards event. It was created by the Industry Film Producers Association (IFPA), an American non-profit industrial film organization based in Los Angeles. They’ve gone through some changes since then, being named the Informational Film Producers of America, and then the Association of Visual Communicators. Since 1998, they have been the International Association of Audio Visual Communicators (IAA-VC). Currently they present 14 different CINDY Award events each year honoring the theatrical, broadcast, non broadcast and interactive media professionals around the globe, including advertising.

You can learn more about the CINDY Awards here.

It is an honor to join the list of their esteemed CINDY Award winners and only makes us want to work even harder on the next big idea.

Alright then, back to work.

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