Engaging Mobile Readers Through Content Marketing

Posted by Alchemy AMS - December, 07 2017

Let’s face it—our big, round world is quickly shifting to fit inside a very tiny, rectangular screen. Nowadays most people experience just about everything through their smartphones. From breaking news to virtual reality, it’s likely that whatever you’re putting out on the internet is being viewed from a mobile device.

In fact, a study performed by comScore in 2016 showed that people in the U.S. spent 87 hours a month browsing on their phone. With that much time spent on phones each month, it’s about time we shape our content marketing to how the typical user will experience it: a vertical space with not a lot of real estate.

Here are few things you should keep in mind when creating content marketing for mobile devices.


Think about the phone

If you’re like most people, you probably view an abundance of content on your phone each day. So ask yourself: What works? What doesn’t work? While a lot of the visual display will be up to design, you can still play a part in the look and success of your mobile marketing.

Consider a little thing called above-the-fold content (the content that is visible without scrolling the page). Minimal images, attention-grabbing sentences, and quick headlines will be all the reader sees before they decide to continue scrolling or exit out. You have the size of a phone screen to convince them to keep reading so mold your content into something they won’t want to click out of.


Cut the fat

You may think a few fancy words sprinkled into your content is harmless, but chances are those words are clogging up a lot of space—making for a very cluttered piece. Cut out unnecessary words, phrases, and sentences that don’t help you make a point. A mixture of short attention spans and too many words on the screen can be the ultimate death wish for mobile content—or any type of content.

Create short headlines that pack a punch without taking up space. Write up the body of your content with a focus on tightening up your writing—rather than just shortening it. Remember: quality, not quantity.


The clock is ticking

Let’s be real. People are distracted by the constant buzzing of texts, snaps, and emails they’re receiving. The ugly truth is that your content is probably competing with dog filters and tweets. So how do you keep their attention?

Hook them from the beginning. Give them a few nuggets at the beginning of your piece to help them get a feel of what they’re about to read. Consider bullet points at the top of your content to tease the reader with what’s to come.


Less is more

But not in the way you might think. Often times people are told to write copy that isn’t too long or  While this is true in a sense, it doesn’t mean you have to trim the quality of your content. As we mentioned before, you still want to get rid of unnecessary fluff but don’t feel the need to be constrained by a specific word count. Consider reformatting your content so that it is more appealing to the eye while still packing enough information.

Breaking your article up into shorter paragraphs can help increase more blank space on the screen—making a block of text suddenly less intimidating to the reader.  

Overall, you’ll find that it’s fairly easy to create engaging content for the mobile reader. A few tweaks here and there can really make a difference in how the user might experience your content. Creating content marketing tailored to the user’s experience will put you ahead of the competition still only creating for a desktop user. 

Storytellers, it’s time to pack your bags! Your readers are on a first class seat in a new digital age and it’s about time you hopped on for the ride.


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