Gratitude is More Than a Feeling, It’s a Skill

Posted by Ryann Malone - December, 28 2016

Something that is often overlooked, especially in the workplace, is the skill of gratitude. This practice is often lost in the high stress, hustle and bustle work environment or the boring, dull business luls. Many times we forget that there is always something to be greatful for even if things aren't going our way. Don't feel guilty, we've all done it; according to Psychologist Dr.  Robert Emmons, it's almost human nature. Luckily, practicing gratitude is something we can control and hoan as a useful skill to enlighten ourselves, our co-workers and anyone we come in contact with.  By practicing gratitude we can begin to look at life in terms of benefits and bring attentiveness and alertness to everything we do. Take a moment and check out this wonderful article by UnStuck to learn more about How To Practice Gratitude and find an opportunity to flex your skill today.


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