How to Get Through the Holidays at Work

Posted by Ryann Malone - December, 19 2017

It’s 2pm on a Wednesday. Your holiday break is still a week away. You slowly start slouching in your chair. You can feel your mind begin to wander as your productivity and concentration melt away. You know you should be finishing that report, but Amazon just emailed you their latest holiday deals. You tell yourself you’ll look after work, but then find yourself ordering 3 air-frying machines for “healthier” fried food. You check the clock to see that it’s 2:01pm. You check the clock for what you think is an hour later and it’s only 2:03pm.
We get it. Working during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season is hard. How are we supposed to stay 100% in the zone when there are cookies to be eating and carols to be singing? Well, it isn’t easy—especially with online holiday shopping keeping us from actually working. But pushing through that holiday drag doesn’t have to feel like pulling teeth.

The next time you have that clock moving at a glacial speed, how is it not the holidays feeling, turn to these tips to help you push through these last few days. Like the computer screen you stare at all day, sometimes all you need is to press your reset button.


No you don’t need to roll out a yoga mat and turn off the lights, but meditation at work can do wonders for you. When you begin to feel stressed that you won’t accomplish your work to-do list or your holiday to-do list, take a moment to just breathe. Meditation has no time cap so whether you’re doing breathing exercises during lunch or for 1 minute before a meeting, try giving yourself a moment to solely concentrate on your breath.

Simply find a quiet space free from distractions or coworkers. Either stand or sit in a comfortable position with your eyes closed. Take a deep inhale through your nose as your belly expands for 4 seconds. Hold your breath for 7 seconds—focusing on your breath and nothing else. Then exhale for 8 seconds—letting all that air escape through your mouth.

Pump Up the Jams

Music can be unbelievably powerful—especially when it comes to energizing your brain. If your tunes can invigorate you in the gym or on your commute, then they’ll surely work during your holiday slump. Just be sure to pick a playlist that won’t be snooze-inducing. Consider some holiday music to keep you excited and motivated to finish your work before the break.

If you want to take it up a level, having a private dance party to your favorite song will also help—and get that blood moving.

Make Some Moves

Speaking of dancing, sitting at a desk all day isn’t good for you and it’s definitely not helping you power through those last few days in the office. Make it a point to leave your desk and go on a walk when you start to feel sluggish. Take a walk around your building and find out what your coworkers are doing for the holidays. Chances are they too are feeling that pre-holiday drag.

Tea(m) Time

If you’re in an office, you’re likely not the only one anticipating a much-needed break from work. Rather than your entire team becoming unproductive for the few days leading up to the break, dedicate some necessary team bonding to your week’s agenda. Get the team together for an hour of time that doesn’t include any work talk. Consider a group hang-out in the break room or even a fun holiday-themed game to get people moving. Not only will everyone recharge during this work-free hour, but they’ll head back to their desks feeling energized and ready to conquer the rest of their to-do list before closing up shop.

There’s no denying that the clock moves slower when we have so many things to look forward to. Just remember that you’re on the home stretch so it’s important to keep your mind on track (you don’t want to screw over future you with unfinished work in the new year). Utilize your time wisely and team up with coworkers still in the office if you have any end-of-year projects to finish.

And if you really need to roam Amazon for a few minutes, we won’t tell anyone. It’ll be our secret.

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