Sink, Swim or Sail: Keeping up with design trends

Posted by Ryann Malone - March, 09 2017

Are you unabashedly original or do you like to swim with the tide, so to speak? In the design-o-sphere, a trend can go from on-point to passé in a single season. But in real life, it can take much longer before a trend becomes stale, if ever. Some trends will take off and crash land from being too “out there” or impractical while others will wither on the vine from being bland and uninspired.

When we take on a project we look at that trend line and decide what the approach could be. Too fashion-forward and we might alienate audiences. Too behind the times and we’ll look lame. Too boring and no one will be interested. So how do you know what trends to embrace, which to ignore, and which will be out of fashion by next Tuesday?

Research. Rinse. Repeat.

We relish the opportunity to let our imaginations run wild, but our clients need creative designs that are on-trend and resonate with their end users. We keep a finger on the pulse of current design trends so we can better view our creative product through the lens of the user and anticipate what consumers are likely seeing out in the world. This allows us to tell brand stories that seamlessly mesh or totally contrast with those trends, depending on our intention.

Plus, it also makes us sound smart at swanky cocktail parties.

Enjoy this Behance article, which shows off some of the 2017 design trends we’ll be experimenting with this year.

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