Transit Advertising Gets Big Results

Posted by Ryann Malone - March, 29 2017

In today’s advertising-saturated world, few ads really stand out. That’s why we’re fans of transit advertising.  One reason that transit works is that it’s big—literally—in both size and reach. The value in reaching a large audience by wrapping an entire bus or train car with a clever ad is typically well worth a relatively modest investment.


The Dallas Zoo has been the perfect brand to leverage the power of transit.  Who doesn’t smile at the image of a cute, oversized animal parading down the street, as in these new ads announcing the return of hippos to the Dallas Zoo? We don’t just love the size of the ads, but also the way the features of the bus itself can be part of the copy and design fun.


Exterior transit advertising also reaches a much bigger and broader audience that just those who ride public transit. It is one of the few vehicles (pun intended) where ads literally reach tens of thousands of eyeballs every day. This adds up to millions of impressions over the course of an ad buy that reaches families, students, kids and travelers very efficiently.


Even better, consumers can’t fast forward past the ad or change the station. For extra oomph, you can add interior rail or bus advertising to capture the (captive) audience inside.


In a market like Dallas, exterior transit advertising is not overly saturated, which means an eye-catching ad can stand out even more. It’s still a novel and cost-effective solution to reach, well, everybody.


Don’t tell us this adorable bus wrap doesn’t make you want to go see the fierce and friendly hippos at the Dallas Zoo—coming soon!


To see more, check out our T-rex bus wrap for the Dallas Zoo’s Giants of the Jurassic exhibit.


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