a full-service
marketing agency

driving results + fostering collaboration

Alchemy at AMS is a turnkey marketing agency focused on social good. We create “media that matters” by developing on-target communication strategies and translating them into unexpected, compelling products that inspire true passion and transform lives. Making a difference is our specialty.

Our team is a division of AMS Pictures, one of the largest creative media agencies in the Southwest that’s been dazzling and empowering audiences since 1982. We’re a bit of an odd bird—a hybrid between a creative studio and a strategic marketing and advertising agency—and we wouldn’t have it any other way. While we embrace the nimble, curious and hungry attitude of a startup, our division has all the benefits of a well-resourced production and post studio, along with highly experienced and exceedingly talented people who excel in their crafts.

Of course, we don’t just make pretty words and pictures—we communicate messaging that’s memorable, actually means something and moves people to action. And we don’t use “collaboration” as an empty buzzword. We work hard to foster open dialogue with clients because when we work in sync as true partners, projects unfold seamlessly and the process of moving from concept to completion is efficient and productive.

The Alchemy at AMS offices house shrewd strategists, artistic powerhouses, digital dynamos, eagle-eyed project managers, web gurus and master storytellers, all collaborating to craft genuinely engaging campaigns and marketing tools that educate, entertain and motivate.

Ryann Malone

Managing Director


With a background deeply rooted in integrated marketing communications, Ryann can expertly guide campaigns to successfully engage any audience. She’s energized by deep client understanding and collaboration—the kind that leads to intelligent, fun and memorable products, campaigns and events. By combining tried-and-true methods with new ways of thinking, Ryann’s able to marry traditional tactics with modern approaches to yield measurable results and lasting impressions.

Sara Gauchat

Content Director


Pairing strategic thinking with a flair for powerful storytelling, Sara brings an inventive perspective to each communication challenge, yielding campaigns and products that exceed expectations and leave a lasting impression. Her depth of experience in both writing and production means that the message will be as unforgettable as the visuals. Sara leads the Alchemy at AMS creative team to ensure every project is executed in the most engaging and impactful manner possible.

Brian McFarlin

Digital Media


Brian oversees all day-to-day digital media assignments, projects and personnel for the Austin office. He crafts budgets, builds schedules and identifies resources for production and post-production efforts in collaboration with producers and project managers. Basically, Brian’s in a league of his own with his ability to plan and manage every detail of any kind of production imaginable, including multi-camera studio shoots, location productions and live events.

Tom Rubeck

Senior Director /


For Tom, it seems as if expanding his horizons has been a key theme to his career since it began in East Africa in 1985. His keen sense of timing in the editing room has enabled him to work on thousands of videos for top brands over the years. He moved to AMS Pictures in 2004, crafting a variety of programming that propelled him to Senior Producer. Making a horizontal shift to Alchemy in 2013, Tom still excels in delivering strong stories for his clients in the marketing world.

David Horwitz

Senior Writer


David is an innovative communications guru and master storyteller with a special talent for creating media that supports public interest initiatives. Over the years, he’s worked on numerous
 campaigns tackling such topics as college and career readiness, public safety, substance abuse prevention, mental health, disability issues and 
nutrition. From communication strategies to message design and branding, he focuses on developing content that inspires audiences to shift the way they think, feel and behave.