Lamar Institute of Technology

Messaging, Creative Ad Design, Consumer Insight Research

Charged with the mission of increasing fall enrollment at Lamar Institute of Technology (LIT) in an incredibly short timeframe, and during a transitional time (LIT was retooling its look and institutional messaging), Alchemy jumped at the opportunity to create a fully-integrated marketing campaign complete with information-packed outreach materials.

Three 30- and 15-second video spots were distributed via pre-roll and display ads—garnering a very high 87.25% of viewers who watched 100% of the video. Video ads were also placed on Facebook and Instagram as well as a 30-second radio spot was distributed on Pandora. All paid media and a targeted email campaign directed to a landing page where registrants and interested students could easily find all the information they needed to apply and register for classes.

Tragically, shortly after the launch of the campaign, Hurricane Harvey devastated Beaumont, Texas. With our media partner, we decided to stop all media placement prematurely in order to save the client’s marketing budget while they focused on recovery efforts.